Here Are 7 Science-Backed Reasons You Should Eat More Bread

Put down your lettuce wraps—it’s perfectly healthy to indulge those carb cravings.

1.You'll have more energy—— bread is a carb. But repeat after us: Carbs aren't necessarily bad for you, according to many dietitians and nutrition experts.


2. You'll be overall healthier——Young, old, male, or female, eating whole wheat bread has a huge range of health benefits.


3. You'll live longer——Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health discovered a link between a diet rich in whole grains and risk of death. They studied more than 100,000 participants and found that whole grains lowered the overall risk of death by 5 percent and the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by nine percent. "


4. You'll feel happier——According to Psychology Today, carbs increase the brain’s levels of feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin, which boosts your mood and curbs cravings for unhealthier snacks like sweets. 


5. You'll lose weight——hole-grain bread is high in dietary fiber, which has loads of weight lossbenefits. For one, fiber expands to fill your stomach, meaning you will feel full faster and consume fewer calories in one sitting.


6. You'll regulate your bathroom trips——Fiber is also helpful for another bodily function: bowel movements. 


7. You'll have healthier skin and hair——whole-wheat bread is jam-packed with B vitamins and protein, both of which will subtract years from your skin and hair.

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