Female Youth Formula(60 Capsules)

Female Youth Formula(60 Capsules)
Female Youth Formula(60 Capsules) Female Youth Formula(60 Capsules)
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"Female Youth Formula"

Female Youth Formula is a proprietary dietary supplement designed to help the body maintain its natural balance and harmony. It contains a special blend of Chinese herbs and phytonutrients that works synergistically to support female body during aging process.


Product Benefits
•*Support normal womenstruction
•*Balance the female body
•*Support mood stability
•*Support sexual function
•*Promotes bone and joint health
•*Helps stimulate youthful looking skin
•*Improves memory
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
What is happening during aging process?

1. Cardiovascular System: As you age, your heart rate becomes slightly slower and your heart might become bigger. Your blood vessels and your arteries also become stiffer, causing your heart to work harder to pump blood through them. This can lead to high blood pressure (hypertension) and other cardiovascular problems.

2. Bone and Jointsize and density: which weakens them and makes them more susceptible to fracture. You might even become a bit shorter. Muscles generally lose strength and flexibility, and you might become less coordinated or have trouble balancing.
3. MemoryMemory tends to becomes less efficient with age. It might take longer to learn new things or remember familiar words or names.


Key Ingredients

L-Arginine HCI: to help the development of the immune system, to raise their hormone secretion and can also effectively improve the immunity. 

Red Clover Flower Extract: relieve menopausal symptoms; to adjust women’s six hormonal balance and effectively prevention of osteoporosis, increasing bone density. 

Gamma Oryzanol: to improve the disorder of vegetative nerve function, and it can also stable mood, relieve anxiety and tension, and improving sleep function. 

L-Lysine HCI: is one of the human body essential amino acids. It enhances immune function, and it is the indispensable part of the protein. 

Pregnenolone: the importance intermediates of naturally occurring progesterone. 

Black Cohosh Root Extract: to help relieve hot flashes of menopausal women, night sweats, and agitated have mood swings. 

Dehydroepiandrosterone / DHEA: to adjust the balance of androgen and female hormone inside the women’s bodies; to ensure that the female endocrine coordination; make sure women would stay young、beautiful and healthy. 

Dmiana Leaf Extract: pure natural and non-toxic product, it could help people treat constipation, eliminate anxiety, and in a good mood. 

Soy Bean Extract: extracted from soy, an effective antioxidant can prevent the generation of oxygen free radicals. Two-way adjusting effects of soybean is flavones, negative feedback mechanism to adjust and balance the estrogen, therefore it would help women to achieve beauty and health effects. 

 Collagen Hydrolysate: easily be absorbed by dermal tissue, human tissue, such as the heart wall, nails, hair. Moreover it can nourish the skin, increase elasticity of skin, strengthen the luster of the hair, prevent osteoporosis, and improve joint health. 

 Dong Quai Root Extract: invigorate the circulation of blood and regulate the menstrual function on the pain. It can also nourish skin. 

 Lycopene:there is the oxidation resistance, the prevention and inhibition of cancer, cardiovascular protection, anti-aging, enhance immunity, and greatly improve the skin allergy.  Lycopene is absolutely nature and non-toxic.


Supplement Facts


U.S.A.FDA Registration NO. U.S.A.FDA Registration:14387697872
Products Attributes*
CONTENT L-Arginine HCI/Red Clover Flower Extract/Gamma Oryzanol(Rice Bran Extract)/L-Lysine HCI/Pregnenolone(from Wild Yam)/Black Cohosh Root Extract/Dehydroepiandrosterone(DHEA)/Damiana Leaf Extract/Soy bean Extract/Collagen Hydrolysate/Dong Quai Root Extract/Lycopene
DIRECTION As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily with food. (Warning: Consult your physician before using if you are diagnosed with uterine fibroids, ovarian cancer, pituitary gland tumors, etc. )

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